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Format: Vinyl LP


The Magnificent 7’ features the work of some of the heaviest deejays of the period, inspired by the tenets of Rastafarianism, extolling the virtues of living upright in those dread times. Opening with Jah Walton who would go on to greater success as Joseph Cotton in the nineties, followed by Big Youth who had made some of his earliest records with Phil Pratt.


I Roy, Jamaica’s most literate and articulate deejay, steps forward with two big hits, ‘Ital Dish’ and ‘Musical Air Raid’ before two tracks from King Sighta, a young deejay who apparently lost an eye in a factory accident, and who released the eponymous ‘King Sighter The One Eyed Giant’ album on Terminal that year. Very little is known about Little Wicked, but Big Joe recorded extensively during the seventies for Studio One, Harry Mudie’s Moodisc Records and many other top producers although this is his sole recording, released on Chanan Jah in London, for Phil Pratt. The set concludes with Jah Stitch, deejay for Tippertone and Black Harmony sound systems, with another big hit, ‘Evilest Thing’. Produced by Phil Pratt 



A1. Jah Walton - The Seed You Sow (3.57)

A2. Big Youth - Love Jah Jah Children (3.11)

A3. I-Roy - Ital Dish (2.52)

A4. I-Roy - Musical Air Raid (3.08)

A5. King Sighta - Master Off All (3.31)

B1. King Sighta - Shining Star (3.30)

B2. Little Wicked - Sister Sheron (3.32)

B3. Big Joe - Natty Love (2.52)

B4. Jah Stitch - Evilest Thing (2.37)

Various Artist - The Magnificent 7

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