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The Viceroys were a Jamaican reggae vocal group formed in the late 1960s, featuring Wesley Tinglin, Neville Ingram, and Daniel Bernard. Known for their harmonious vocals and catchy melodies, they gained popularity with hits like "Heart Made of Stone." Collaborating with producers such as Derrick Morgan, Coxsone Dodd, and Lee "Scratch" Perry, their songs often addressed social and political issues. Despite disbanding in the 1970s, Wesley Tinglin continued to perform under the Viceroys name with new members. Their music remains celebrated for its soulful harmonies and uplifting messages.




01. Send Us (3:15)
02. Consider Yourself (3:55)
03. Detour (3:00)
04. Jah Ho Jah (3:43)
05. My Mission Is Impossible (3:54)
06. Get To Know (3:23)
07. Do We Have To Fight (3:57)
08. Ya Ho (3:08)
09. Sing A Good Song (3:10)

The Viceroys - Ya Ho

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