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Format: CD


This is Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s final studio album recorded shortly before his passing in October 2021. Lee was one of “the major cultural figures” of the twentieth and twenty first centuries. His contribution to the furtherance of Jamaican music as producer, arranger, writer and artist is beyond compare. He played a pivotal role in, and was the inspiration behind, many of the key movements in the development of reggae throughout the Sixties and Seventies.


Includes a booklet with extensive sleeve notes by Noel Hawks + photos.




1. Heaven (4.11)
2. Good News (3.24)
3. Shut up (4.40)
4. Baby éléphant (4.31)
5. Peace (3.01)
6. God Smile (4.33)
7. Shining (3.52)
8. Repented (5.03)

Lee Perry - Heaven

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