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Format: 2 Vinyl LP


This classic double album with extensive sleeve notes is a collection of top notch vocal, deejay and dub tracks adding to the growing body of music from a time often dismissed by commentators and critics, and includes vocalists and Deejays Anthony Johnson, Bobby Melody, Junior Moore, Nemo, Triston Palmer, Early B, General Trees, Lee Van Cliff, Lone Ranger and Ranking Trevor, with backing from The Roots Radics & The Midnight Rock Crew, Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare.


180 gram vinyl.



A1. Junior Moore - I Need High Grade (3:28)
A2. General Trees - Bring The Herb Come (3:29)
A3. Nemo - Highest Grade (3:43)
A4. Lone Ranger - High Grade Stash (3:43)
B1. Triston Palmer - Joker Smoker (3:28)
B2. Anthony Johnson - What Kind Of Herb (3:05)
B3. Johnny Osbourne - Bring The Sensie Come (3:33)
B4. Ranking Trevor - Bun It Till It Done (3:45)
C1. King Rolex - Pass Me The Weed (2:43)
C2. Jah Thomas & Junior Moore - Herb Fe Free (3:45)
C3. Terry Butler - Gi Me The Sensiemania (4:14)
C4. Bobby Melody - Low The Sensie Man (3:20)
D1. Jah Thomas - Please Mr Officer (2:56)
D2. Lee Van Cliff - Chalice Afi Lite (3:22)
D3. Early B - Ganja Man (3:21)
D4. Jah Thomas - Liquid Brass (3:46)

Jah Thomas Presents - Highest Grade

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